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Meet the Filmmakers! A full calendar of events to find out the talents and skills that lie behind every film. Each official screening will be followed by a Q & A or a live streaming, moderated by journalists or scholars who will take turns in a continuous marathon for the entire duration of the festival.
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/October 23rd

Niccolò Ammaniti

Niccolo Ammaniti

8.00 pm


The most brilliant, beloved, unsettling writer on the Italian literary scene, Niccolò Ammaniti, for decades has been plundered several times from Italian cinema. Since 2018 he has chosen TV to get directly involved with moving images. And we discovered an excellent director, a brave and disruptive author and a director of actors like few others. “Il miracolo” and “Anna” had a resounding success, but above all they have changed the grammar of the small screen in Italy. For this and much more Niccolò Ammaniti deserves the title of Maestro, in other cases inflated and abused. At Linea d’Ombra he will tell us the parable of a career in which the impression is that the best is yet to come.

Conversation with Niccolò Ammaniti, moderated by Boris Sollazzo.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini

Gabriele Fabbro, Lidia Vitale, Lodovica Mancini

11.00 pm

At the end of The Grand Bolero‘s film screening, Q&A with the film’s Director Gabriele Fabbro and the Actresses Lidia Vitale and Ludovica Mancini.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

Dea Kulumbegashvili


11.05 pm

Born in 1986, Dea Kulumbegashvili is Georgian writer/director based in Tbilisi. Her debut short film Invisible Spaces was nominated for a Palme d’Or du Court Métrage at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. It was also the first film from independent Georgia to be part of the Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Dea’s second short film Léthé premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival in the Directors’ Fortnight selection continue…

Dea Kulumbegashvili  won with her film  “Beginning”  the  “Best Film Award” assigned by the Expert Jury in the category Passaggi d’Europa.

/October 25th

Stefanie Klemm


11.00 pm

Born in 1966 in Hilden, Germany. Before studying for her Masters in directing and screenwriting at the prestigious Zurich University of the Arts, Stefanie Klemm attended courses in german studies and psychology. This diverse background, as well as over 10 years experience in the film industry, give her unique capabilities both as a director and as an entrepreneur with her own film production company. As well as commissioned pieces, she directs and produces shorts continue…

At the end of Fish and Men's film screening, Q&A with Director Stefanie Klemm.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

/October 26th

Chiara Marotta


Loris Giuseppe Nese


7.00 pm

At the end of “CortoEuropa Block D” screening, Q&A with the  Directors of the film “Shift” Chiara Marotta and Loris Giuseppe Nese.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

Elie Wajeman


11.00 pm

Born on July 21st, 1980 in Clamart (France). Elie Wajeman began his career as a filmmaker with his short film Los Angeles. In 2011, he directed his debut feature, Alyah starring Pio Marmaï. The film met critical acclaim and was selected at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. His second feature, Les Anarchistes, opened the 54th edition of La Semaine de la Critique. continue

At the end of Médicin de Nuit‘s film screening, Q&A with the Director Elie Wajeman.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

/October 27th

Mario Martone


Giovanni De Luna


8.00 pm

Conversation with Mario Martone and Giovanni De Luna, moderated by Peppe D’Antonio.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

On the occasion of the publication of the volume “Cinema Italia” by Giovanni De Luna (utet editions) and the recent release of the film “Qui rido io” by Mario Martone.
Giovanni De Luna with “Cinema Italia” and Mario Martone with “Qui rido io” re-establish a dialogue between cinema and history, tight and fruitful. It is not a coincidence that De Luna opens his essay by using Martone’s “Noi Credevamo” to explore the possibilities of working on history offered by cinema. And with the same tools offered by his essay, it can be understood that Martone’s latest work goes far beyond the figure of Scarpetta, however extraordinary he was.

Speeches by

Alfonso Amendola, Associate Professor at the DISPS UNISA
Pietro Cavallo, Full Professor at the DISPAC UNISA
Pasquale Iaccio, Associate Professor at the DISPAC UNISA

Event organized in collaboration with Filmidea – Study days on history, cinema, music and TV.

Valeria Golino

Valeria Golino

9.00 pm

Valeria Golino is cinema. The film interpreted in Hollywood – with which she became an ironic icon – would make her a mix between Meryl Streep and Marisa Tomei and here in Italy it makes her an actress capable of embodying stories, characters, lives otherwise impossible only to imagine for others. As a filmmaker she has become an explorer of pain and intimacy with the same decisive grace with which she acts, with the originality of a sweet and merciless gaze on the world and human relationships. It can be said that any film, directed or starred by her, could not have existed without her. And that her way of telling, as an actress and as an author, is unrepeatable and inimitable.

Conversation with Valeria Golino, moderated by Boris Sollazzo.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini

/October 28th

L'Atlante delle Meraviglie

7.00 pm

OFF RECORDS #Intersection
Immersive Show

The Brandenburg concertos creative ferments regenerating the soul is a multidisciplinary artistic project.

The immersive show combines different arts (music, cinema and the language of animation) together with new technologies to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the creation of the 6 Brandenburg concertos (1721-2021), tell the life of Bach, and thus bring young audiences closer to the German composer, but with a modern and captivating language.

The project has an educational purpose for the younger generation and also allows classical music lovers to appreciate it in a new way.

As Disney did with Fantasia, Manganelli’s show uses musical segments, accompanies them with animation and with the character of Bach who tells about himself.

Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

Trio Malinconico

9.00 pm

OFF RECORDS #Intersection



Between words and music, Diego De Silva brings his pages to the stage accompanied by Stefano Giuliano’s saxophone and Aldo Vigorito’s double bass. A way to alternate pieces read by the author with live jazz that leaves room for improvisation.
With the extraordinary participation of Massimiliano Gallo (alias Vincenzo Malinconico)

Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

/October 29th

Diego De Silva


Mattia Santori


8.30 pm


Tomorrow is a time of waiting, a blank space yet to be filled, a reminder and a question about what we will be. An unprecedented health crisis told us about human frailty, intolerable inequalities, unforeseen existential loneliness, of a world that asks us to pay for our arrogance.
They speak with different voices, with different stories:
Diego De Silva, writer
Mattia Santori, leader of “Movimento delle Sardine”

Moderated by Peppe D'Antonio
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

The Jackal

9.30 pm


We have never been good at football. And thank goodness. Because if that brilliant collective called The Jackal got lost on the soccer fields instead of in Google now we had to tell and others would tell another story. They have revolutionized the language of the network in Italy, they have hybridized other languages (from football to Sanremo), they have made big movies with the most daring bet, dedicating themselves to science fiction, a taboo genre in Italy, they have created phenomena of costume – from Gomorra to Despacito – and idioms. All by inventing a new way of working, creating and staying in commerce. And this is only the beginning.

Conversation with The Jackal. Moderated by Boris Sollazzo.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.

/October 30th

Awards Ceremony

7.30 pm

Award Ceremony

Compettion Sections:  Passaggi d’Europa |CortoEuropa | LineaDoc | VedoAnimato | VedoVerticale

During the ceremony, the “NEXSOFT Award” will be awarded to the best feature film in the Passaggi d’Europa section, the “BANCA CAMPANIA CENTRO Award” to the best short film in the CortoEuropa section and the “CARISAL FOUNDATION Award” to the best short film in the VedoVerticale section.

Competitions: Passaggi d’Europa |CortoEuropa | LineaDoc | VedoAnimato | VedoVerticale

 Juries Presentation

The juries of the XXVI edition of the festival are:
Popular Jury Passaggi d’Europa – 80 people over 14 years old
Jury of European Passages Experts – Miriam Bliese, Milena Mancini, Guglielmo Poggi

CortoEuropa Popular Jury – 80 people over 14 years old
CortoEuropa Expert Jury – Giulio Mastromauro, Valerio Vestoso, Christopher Yates

LineaDoc popular jury – 20 people over 14 years old.
LineaDoc Expert Jury – Carlo Hintermann, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Rachael Rakes

VedoAnimato popular jury – 25 people over 14 years old
VedoAnimato Expert Jury – Martin Smatana, Alessandro Rak, Mauro Uzzeo

VedoVerticale popular jury – 25 people over 14 years old

Open Jury – the audience of cinema and audiovisual enthusiasts who will vote online on netfest for the 5 sections in the competition.

Following by

Alessandro Capitani



Conversation with Alessandro Capitani

The film “I nostri fantasmi” confirms that we have a new great director, after the award-winning short “Bellissima” and the debut of “In viaggio con Adele”. And a festival has the desire to celebrate the big ones as well as to discover young directors and actors, to chaperone them and to highlight them. Alessandro Capitani, who already has a lot of experience, is at the beginning of what will be a bright career and with him we investigate both the past and tomorrow. Starting from “I nostro fantasmi”, a ghost-story that soon becomes something different. A lot different.

Moderated by Boris Sollazzo.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.



10.00 pm

OFF RECORDS #Intersections


Conversation with RAIZ

Raiz is music, cinema, art at 360 degrees, Anima Migrante and Cuore scatenato, poet of notes with Almamegretta and as a soloist and images as a real character actor, Nu Napolitano citizen of the world who has collaborated with many geniuses, from Pino Daniele to Planet Funk, from Antonio Capuano (his are the most beautiful pieces of the soundtrack of the masterpiece Luna Rossa) to the Manetti brothers. A career dominated by Passione, curiosity and experimentation, into which we will inquire through the songs and experiences on the sets of one of the most eclectic artists of this country.

Moderated by Boris Sollazzo.
Live stream from Sala Pasolini.