Conversation with Niccolò Ammaniti

Date & Time
October 23 | 8.00pm
Live Streaming from Sala Pasolini
Moderated by
Boris Sollazzo
Special Guest
Diego De Silva

Film Story

Niccolò Ammaniti


The most brilliant, beloved, unsettling writer on the Italian literary scene, Niccolò Ammaniti, for decades has been plundered several times from Italian cinema. Since 2018 he has chosen TV to get directly involved with moving images. And we discovered an excellent director, a brave and disruptive author and a director of actors like few others. “Il miracolo” and “Anna” had a resounding success, but above all they have changed the grammar of the small screen in Italy. For this and much more Niccolò Ammaniti deserves the title of Maestro, in other cases inflated and abused. At Linea d’Ombra he will tell us the parable of a career in which the impression is that the best is yet to come.