Awards Ceremony

Date & Time
October 30 | 7.30pm
Live streaming from Sala Pasolini
Moderated by
Boris Sollazzo & Peppe D'Antonio

Film Story

Ceremony Award

Award Ceremony

Competitions: Passaggi d’Europa |CortoEuropa | LineaDoc | VedoAnimato | VedoVerticale

 Juries Presentation

The juries of the XXVI edition of the festival are:
Popular Jury Passaggi d’Europa – 80 people over 14 years old
Jury of European Passages Experts – Miriam Bliese, Milena Mancini, Guglielmo Poggi

CortoEuropa Popular Jury – 80 people over 14 years old
CortoEuropa Expert Jury – Giulio Mastromauro, Valerio Vestoso, Christopher Yates

LineaDoc popular jury – 20 people over 14 years old.
LineaDoc Expert Jury – Carlo Hintermann, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Rachael Rakes

VedoAnimato popular jury – 25 people over 14 years old
VedoAnimato Expert Jury – Martin Smatana, Alessandro Rak, Mauro Uzzeo

VedoVerticale popular jury – 25 people over 14 years old

Open Jury – the audience of cinema and audiovisual enthusiasts who will vote online on netfest for the 5 sections in the competition.