Gabriele Fabbro



  • 2021 The Grand Bolero
    2021 Marcella (Video short)
    2020 Skylark (Video short)
    2020 Borders/Fronteras (Video short)
    2020 Quo Vadis 2020 (Documentary)
    2020 If You Run (Video short)
    2019 Saving, Grace (Short)
    2019 U-Zone (Video short)
    2019 8 (Short)
    2018 Believe In (Short)
    2018 Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Short)
    2017 The Waltz of the Monsters (Short)
    2016 Sugar Streets (Short)
    2016 Caruso (Short)
    2016 Autumn Leaves (Short)
    2016 Two Steps Away (Short)
    2016 The Peach (Short)
    2016 Claire (Short)
    2015 Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Short)
    2015 Santa Monica (Short)
    2015 Drops (Short)
    2015 Four of a Kind (Short)
    2015 Koudelka (Video short)
    2014 Romeo and Juliet (film director)
    2014 Madness (Short)
    2014 Uomini, comunque (Documentary)
    2012 Sounds of Pisa (Short)
    2011 Doha (Short)

Director Story

Gabriele Fabbro was born in 1996, in Milan, Italy. He’s a film director graduated from the New York Film Academy with a BFA degree in Filmmaking. Since 2011, he wrote, directed and produced more than 25 productions including short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. Among his most recent works, he directed the music video “If You Run (2020)” for Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and the feature documentary “Quo Vadis 2020 (2020)”.

His works gained him over 90 nominations and awards. His latest short film “8 (2019)” screened at the 76 Venice Film Festival under the Giornate Degli Autori official program.