L’Atlante delle Meraviglie

Date & Time
October 25 | 7.00pm
Live streaming from Sala Pasolini

Film Story

L'Atlante delle Meraviglie

Immersive Show

The Brandenburg concertos creative ferments regenerating the soul is a multidisciplinary artistic project.

The immersive show combines different arts (music, cinema and the language of animation) together with new technologies to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the creation of the 6 Brandenburg concertos (1721-2021), tell the life of Bach, and thus bring young audiences closer to the German composer, but with a modern and captivating language.

The project has an educational purpose for the younger generation and also allows classical music lovers to appreciate it in a new way.

As Disney did with Fantasia, Manganelli’s show uses musical segments, accompanies them with animation and with the character of Bach who tells about himself.