Conversation with Valeria Golino

Date & Time
October 27 | 9.00pm
Live Streaming from Sala Pasolini
Moderated by
Boris Sollazzo

Film Story

Valeria Golino


Valeria Golino is cinema. The film interpreted in Hollywood – with which she became an ironic icon – would make her a mix between Meryl Streep and Marisa Tomei and here in Italy it makes her an actress capable of embodying stories, characters, lives otherwise impossible only to imagine for others. As a filmmaker she has become an explorer of pain and intimacy with the same decisive grace with which she acts, with the originality of a sweet and merciless gaze on the world and human relationships. It can be said that any film, directed or starred by her, could not have existed without her. And that her way of telling, as an actress and as an author, is unrepeatable and inimitable. Fimography on  IMDB