Conversation with Raiz

Date & Time
October 30 | 10.00pm
Live streaming from Sala Pasolini
Moderated by
Boris Sollazzo

Film Story

OFF RECORDS #Intersections


Raiz is music, cinema, art at 360 degrees, Anima Migrante and Cuore scatenato, poet of notes with Almamegretta and as a soloist and images as a real character actor, Nu Napolitano citizen of the world who has collaborated with many geniuses, from Pino Daniele to Planet Funk, from Antonio Capuano (his are the most beautiful pieces of the soundtrack of the masterpiece Luna Rossa) to the Manetti brothers. A career dominated by Passione, curiosity and experimentation, into which we will inquire through the songs and experiences on the sets of one of the most eclectic artists of this country.