Before we Leave

Before we Leave

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  • Cast
    Emilina Posokhova, Tatyana Smirnova, Katy Bogucharskaya, Danila Matveev, Alexander Alekseev
  • Screenplay
    Georgy Verolainen
  • Cinematography
    Elena Shchurova
  • Editing
    Ilya Zevakin
  • Set Design
    Anna Moskaleva
  • Music
    Daniil Tsovin
  • Producer
    Nika Zhiznevskaya, Georgy Verolainen
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A story about the memory of the dead, about life after death and about love after leaving forever.
The family packs for the moving. Mom gets nostalgic sorting stuff out. Son indifferently throws books and toys in his backpack. Dad tries to slip away to say goodbye to his friends. And only the Youngest Daughter can not find her deal. She stares at others and mess with them. At the same time a strange Old Lady in black stares at the Girl attentively. But no one notices the Old Lady except Girl and it scares her. The Girl becomes frightened even more when she realizes that the whole family will leave her alone with the Old Lady in an empty apartment. And no one can help her, because her family is no longer alive.


This movie is part of CortoEuropa Block F and will be available from October 27 | 9.00pm to October 29 | 9.00pm.

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