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  • Director
  • Cast
    Federico Meucci, Alessandro Vendetti, Giada Colabona
  • Screenplay
    Francesco Romano, Simonetta Greco, Nicola Maiello, Paola Pirotti, Leandro Persiani,
  • Cinematography
    Filippo Marzatico
  • Editing
    Livia Galtieri
  • Set Design
    Scenografia/Production design Davide Germano
  • Costume Design
    Giorgia Calandra
  • Production
    CSC Production
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Maicol is 8 years old. He lives with his father Valerio and his mother Giusy in Trullo, a popular district in the periphery of Rome. Both his parents are very young and he has a great complicity with his father. They spend a lot of time together playing PlayStation and having fun with his father’s friends. At some point, Maicol receives some money to buy his favorite’s team shirt as a present for his school promotion. This event and its consequences will bring in discussions and eventually change the relationship between the two.


This movie is part of CortoEuropa Block B and will be available from October 24 | 6.00pm to October 26 | 6.00pm.

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