Conversation with Stefanie Klemm

Date & Time
October 25 | 11.00pm
Live streaming from Sala Pasolini
Moderated by
Boris Sollazzo

Film Story

Stefanie Klemm

Of Fish and Men

Born in 1966 in Hilden, Germany. Before studying for her Masters in directing and screenwriting at the prestigious Zurich University of the Arts, Stefanie Klemm attended courses in german studies and psychology. This diverse background, as well as over 10 years experience in the film industry, give her unique capabilities both as a director and as an entrepreneur with her own film production company.

As well as commissioned pieces, she directs and produces shorts, experimental films and dance videos that have been screened at film festivals and on television around the globe. Stefanie Klemm received a stipend from the Script Lab Munich / Zurich (2011 / 12), and was invited to Warsaw in 2013 to participate in the Wajda School’s EKRAN-Seminary (intensive preproduction workshop). She also received the Swiss Treatment Award for the drama «Renatas Erwachen».

She is very engaged in the arts community, being a founding member of the table reading group «Berner Drehbuchautoren», a long-time member of the board of the «Bern for Film» society and also a lecturer at various institutions. She also leads systemic script constellations.