The Second Principle of Hans Liebschner

The Second Principle of Hans Liebschner

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  • Original Title
    Il Secondo Principio di Hans Liebschner
  • Director
  • Cast
    Johannes "Hans" Liebschner, Klaus Liebschner, Peter Liebschner
  • Screenplay
    Stefano P. Testa
  • Cinematography
    Andrea Zanoli
  • Editing
    Stefano P. Testa
  • Music
    Sonars, The Honolulu, Luca Severino
  • Producer
    Andrea Zanoli
  • Production
    Lab 80 Film
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  • Language
    German, Italian
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Johannes “Hans” Liebschner filmed his life from 1963 to 2012. Born in 1927, he came to Italy due to the war and stayed after falling in love with Iole, a young Italian girl from Bergamo, with whom he had five boys. In fifty years of amateur filming, Hans creates the intimate story of a united and happy family, although in 2013, the year of his death, his films ended up for sale in a second-hand market. Who was to get rid of those precious memories? His sons Klaus and Peter try to solve this mystery, retracing the story of a family that goes through social and cultural changes,recorded through the technological and expressive evolution of home movies.


This movie is part of LineaDoc Block C and will only be screened on October 25 | 7.00pm.

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