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netfest is aimed at any organization (film festivals, Cinémathèque, distributors or institutions) to create online screenings in a simple and secure way on an interactive and hybrid platform. netfest takes care of managing the entire process from A to Z through an advanced production desk.

Direct upload of films by rights holders

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Creation of a bilingual
responsive multi-page


website dedicated to the organization, with the ability to customize each page. Detailed information on each film such as: synopsis, cast & crew, trailers, photos, extra video content, Q&A information with guest’s photos, director bio with photos. Possibility to insert downloadable material, such as: press book, flyer, brochure.

We don’t modify your website, we just add our links in your web pages buttons

Interaction between the
audience and the Festival


through live meetings with Q&A. The meetings can take place in two ways: either by integrating the most popular social media such as Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo into our templates, or by creating a real TV studio broadcast in live streaming. Users will be able to interact with guests through a live chat. Leave comments on movies’ pages, rating a film.

Avoid losing your audience in the process of changing platforms.

The Q&A session will take place inside the screening page.

Unlimited number of
simultaneous connections


with the ability to determine the maximum number of participants (“places”); Time and date setting for  each projection with the possibility of establishing delayed access. Reminder function with SMS or email. We can provide you the list of participants in the xlsx format.


Rate the Film


The public will be able to assign a vote to the films viewed. This “ranking” can be used to assign the “Audience Award “.

This is a graph with audience ratings for films

Into Paradiso 517+ votes
Bangland 450+ votes
And Peace on Earth 525+ votes
Kidnap Me 400+ votes
The Pastry Chef 420+ votes
The Dirties 390+ votes
You Will Come Tomorrow 380+ votes
God Save the Queen 411+ votes
Non Sense 349+ votes
I'll Come Too 390+ votes
Islands 390+ votes
Pietro 415+ votes

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