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Guaranteed HD
screening up to 2K

Movie storage with dedicated upload band protected with encryption. we encrypt the source and obfuscate the link to the the decrypting index file, a method used in all DRM systems. We convert movies into 4 formats with adaptive multi bit rate. The user will not have to perform any connection tests, as he will still be guaranteed to watch the film regardless of the strength of his internet connection. For our film screening we use CDN servers.

Direct upload of films by rights holders directly in our servers

of the screenings

by limiting the vision to the nation or a city. Data protection through the most advanced DRM systems (we prevent direct download by obfuscating the link to the source files) possibility to insert a watermark on by limiting the vision to the nation or a city. We can place, on request,  a personalized watermark on screen, with the details of each viewer. If the screen is recorded, the details of the recording user cannot be erased.


Setting up different
methods for accessing

screenings,  (free, pay per view, subscription).  You can also activate a “donate button”.

We can guarantee users assistance throughout the entire event’s period. Opportunity for the movie’s right owner to monetize screenings and share the revenues. We can direct billing to them. To improve your monetization capability we can add a preroll short video of your sponsors and or your logo.

Monetize screenings and share the revenue.

If a movie have a Share Holder than you can add Share Holder’s mail and share details. The Festival can immediately share any revenue with the rights holder simply entering the % to be shared.


Real-time statistics
and audience feedback

by tracking their presence and devices used. Creation and download of detailed statistics at the end of each screening or meeting. Know how many registrants are in each screening,. Creation of mailing lists of registered users (depending on the users consent). Collect feedback and comments left on movie pages or during Q&A.


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