Chose your Festival
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netfest is a platform designed for those of you who are eager to see all the new films, to grab hold of new and stimulating opportunities.

At your disposal you will find a continuously updated network of festivals to choose from, with a summary chart that contains useful information and links that will allow you to know the programming of each individual event and see how all the sections are organised.

An experience rich not only in films, but in debates, on-line events and meetings with directors, actors, producers. Even when you can’t physically go to a festival, you can follow it as if you were there. Your red carpet will be netfest the screen will be your device. Happy viewing, together with the virtual audience that will be connected with you from all over the world.

Meet the Filmmakers

Meet your favourite directors and actors without leaving the player where you watched the film

Each festival, in addition to its own programme of films and events, organises numerous meetings and Q&A, in which you can participate in complete freedom without abandoning the player from where you watched the film.

netfest is the first site in the world where you can follow all the presentations and meetings without wasting time connecting to other social networks, sites or apps, everything happens in the same place in a simple and stress-free way.

Your player is also provided with a chat where you can ask questions to the guests and interact with them during meetings.

There’s only one thing you can’t do: you won’t be able to use it to ask for your favourite artist’s phone number!!!!


Festivals on Focus

Not only the most famous festivals

netfest dedicates the same attention to lesser-known festivals, precisely because it believes that it is possible to watch and discover films of extreme interest even in small festivals. Your ability to read between the lines and investigate between the various proposals will make it possible for you to discover films of extreme value even in seemingly minor events. Periodically, netfest will propose its Festival on Focus and allow you to discover the most interesting films and sections.