Brancaleone alle crociate

Brancaleone alle crociate

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  • Director
  • Cast
    Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, Stefania Sandrelli, Beba Loncar, Gigi Proietti, Lino Toffolo, Paolo Villaggio, Sandro Dori, Gianrico Tedeschi, Pietro De Vico, Alberto Plebani, Augusto Mastrantoni, Renzo Marignano, Christian Alegny, Arnaldo Fabrizio, Ceuru Abgui, Abou Djarel, Gildo Di Marco
  • Screenplay
    Mario Monicelli, Furio Scarpelli, Age
  • Cinematography
    Aldo Tonti
  • Editing
    Ruggero Mastroianni
  • Set Design
    Mario Garbuglia
  • Music
    Carlo Rustichelli
  • Producer
    Mario Cecchi Gori
  • Production
    Fair Film, O.N.C.I.C. Algier
  • Genre
  • Section
  • Duration
    117 minutes
  • Release
  • Country
  • Type
    Feature Film
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  • Subtitles
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The story is set in the Middle Ages. Brancaleone da Norcia (Vittorio Gassman), scion of a fallen noble family, a knight animated by noble princes, is no longer followed by his odd army, but is at the helm of a rabble of disbanded followers of Pope Gregory VII. He then embarks on a journey to the Holy Land in the saddle of his faithful Aquilante.
During the march, the group is almost completely exterminated by a handful of soldiers led by Bishop Spadone, supporter of the antipope Clement III. Desperate Brancaleone invokes Death (Gigi Proietti) who appears immediately to him. After a dialogue with her he manages to get seven moons to have time to die gloriously. Indeed, the obscure apparition suggests to the knight how to find the desired end of him: a short distance from there a newborn baby is about to be killed by the soldier Thorz (Paolo Villaggio).
Brancaleone manages to save the baby and discovers that he is the son of King Bohemond (Adolfo Celi), who left for the Crusades, and undertakes to reunite him with his father. He decides to resume the journey with the only four survivors of the previous massacre, to which the treacherous Thorz is added. Along the way they come across the penitent Pattume (Gigi Proietti), the witch Tiburzia (Stefania Sandrelli) and Princess Berta d’Avignone (Beba Loncar). Among daring exploits, duels and tournaments, Brancaleone continues his journey to Jerusalem tenacious and undeterred …


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